The Vision

Morgan County families will have successful lives

We work with youth and families in a number of ways; including holding Family and Community Team (FACT) conferences through the IOG and the Department of Human Services. During the FACT conferences, community agencies collaborate with the families to provide a comprehensive family-centered approach. Families have the opportunity to increase the quality, appropriateness, and effectiveness of services.
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The Morgan County IOG is committed to the child, youth, and family well-being and works hand in hand with the Collaborative Management Program (CMP) to promote local collaborative management processes for improved services and better outcomes.


Youth who qualify for service through the State of Colorado's Collaborative Management Program (CMP) and need assistance achieving a school-related goal may be eligible to receive aid through Morgan County IOG's flexible spending policy.


We help educate the families on how they can foster a better learning environment and promote healthy goals for their children. We believe that a solid foundation can be built for at-risk youth through consistency, learning, and personal accountability.
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Our MissionWe serve the needs of youth and families by coordinating innovative services.

For struggling families, being able to get the services they may need, in a timely manner, can make all the difference in their ability to get back on track. The Morgan County Interagency Oversight Group is working to make sure families have that ability, by facilitating collaboration between county agencies and service providers.

The Morgan County IOG is part of Colorado’s Collaborative Management Program (CMP), which is outlined by statute in House Bill 1451. The CMP’s mission is to personalize service delivery to families by facilitating collaboration between county agencies and relevant service providers during a family’s time of need.

HB 1451, which was passed in 2004, mandates that the state of Colorado will set aside a cash fund on an annual basis, from which “incentive funds” will be returned to counties that choose to participate in the program.
Providing Essentials

Filling The Basic Need For Youth & Families

The Morgan County IOG provides for the needs of struggling youth and families by giving them the basic essentials such as clothing, food/groceries, personal hygiene items, cell phones, and cell phone cards, assistance obtaining vital documents, medical, dental, mental health, vision, and hearing services, school advocacy, referrals for government assistance, transportation, shelter and referrals to applicable community agencies and programs. In this way, we make it easier for them to focus on the future and build a successful outcome for their lives in the future.

The GoalStatewide network. Local impact.

The Morgan County Interagency Oversight Group, (IOG), is a Collaborative Management Program. We work with agencies and service providers all over the state of Colorado which gives us access to more tools and greater resources to help the youth in our local community.